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Djime is a experimental electronic collective.

..most recent release; “Consecutive Normal Punches” v2.5

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About Djime

In the fall of 2017, Djime recorded a series of live sessions that became our first full length album release entitled “Octopus Dreams”. We draw our style from swelling guitar builds, high energy synthesizer leads, deep driving bass, thick layered distortions, mangled drum machine percussion, and live breakbeat jazz drumming. The album was recorded over a series of six live sessions at our studio space in Seattle’s U-District.

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∞ Featured interview with Skope Magazine – https://skopemag.com/2018/02/26/djime-emerge-with-a-new-album-octopus-dreams-more

James and Ian met at a local Seattle open mic. Our mutual interest for weird and alternative music lead us to joint songwriting sessions, and ultimately working together as a duo in January 2016. Our music celebrates being strange and thinking differently, about having an independent mind, and listening to what the universe has to say.

We are both lifelong sound experimenters and noise makers but each have our own respective educational background as well. Reaching deep into a pool of musical influences has helped us to bring out vibes from staples like 90s alternative rock & grunge to more recent post rock & punk, but also genres like EDM, IDM, electronic house and drum & bass, bebop & avant-garde jazz, breakbeats & hip hop, progressive rock and more. This unique blend of live percussion and experimental attitude toward electronic music is what gives Djime our energy and style.

FFO: Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, Flying Lotus, Animal Collective, Battles, Daedelus

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Djime would like to thank Michael Zak (okeditor.com) for producing our music video. We also endlessly thank Tonya Dean – Shesmaybe (@shesmaybe on instagram) for artwork & graphic design support. Please support her artwork here!

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