(pronounced dʒime)

experimental electronic music & visuals based out of Seattle, WA.

New track “Liminal Motions” now on soundcloud;.

“Love Is” virtual projection demo
based on original watercolor painting by Maybe

Music by Djime – Love Is

Video production and projection by Team Context, August 2021 Multi-media production: graphic design, visualization mapping, projection video mixing, post production.

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Not Naught Book Volume 2 Summer Release 2021 Interview with Tonya & James from Team Context… Artwork/visualizations by Maybe & Djime

background tracks “2nd Take” “Armageddon Party” “Simon Says” – from Automatise, 2019 “Coast” “Paradijme”

Djime is a Seattle WA based experimental electronic music and projection visualization artist. Pronounced like combining the words “djembe” and “time”, the name is a made up word completely without meaning and is actually a shortened version of previously used “Paradijme”. This misspelling of “paradigm” in Greek means:  ‘para‘ meaning beside‘ & ‘deiknynai‘ meaning to display or show‘ together form ‘paradeiknyai‘, which literally translates ‘to display side by side‘. And so in this way Djime means to display, show, & perform.

This project began as a solo project for me in 2015 after departing Armageddon Party & life in Buffalo, New York. Upon arriving in Seattle we started playing open mics at #TNMC Columbia City Theatre’s Bourbon Bar stage, to which a good amount of time was spent developing the sound and structure for the project in preparation for full length performances. This was largely an adventure in relearning performance as a sample artist using a controller and laptop as my primary instrument, as previously I had been using sampling for live-looping while playing guitar. During this time many important social connections were established with the Seattle local music & art community but none more influential on the project than a peculiar ukulele playing singer/songwriter/noisemaker named Ian.

Ian Dexter Crawford joined the project as live drummer once Djime was developed enough to perform a full length set with consistency. The first Djime album entitled Octopus Dreams was recorded in a small garage apartment in the U-District where Ian lived. We also met for practice in that space every Tuesday and are forever thankful for all the people who put up with our incredible noise. Ian was also drummer for another Seattle artist Aromatik, who Djime now also secretly collaborates with… but it’s pretty top secret so… “c:\user\yahdefwholesomebud\hyc\bv\zeroninexxtr-989KDC.exe” ..anyways, Ian has gone away on a journey-quest hopefully to return some day when we can write a song about it.

Automatise the 2nd album was the reinvention of Djime post Ian’s departure from Seattle. The idea of returning to a strictly solo project was no longer appealing, so in addition to using drum samples recorded using Ian’s kit, we also began reaching out for collaborations with Midnight Mindstate Record Label’s own Misfit Yeager for a track called Cold Hands and also Seattle indie hiphop performer Zen Seizure on the track 100:one. It was also around this time that we began to expand our performance and with help & influence of experimental musician/performer and wonderful person USER began to develop live projections. From this point the decision was made that Djime needed to be about more than just a musical performance oddity, and in fact should be a more complete experience. Through working with a small studio space Capitol Hill Records, and inviting local artists to practice with Djime the idea of Sound Praxis was born.

Sound Praxis was a weekly event that Djime hosted with Korvus Blackbird that was open for the community to come to our studio space and share our equipment to practice their own material & performance. Korvus & Djime largely help guide the conversation, but the idea was to give less experienced performers and artists without resources an opportunity to practice on a live mic without the pressure of an audience. We named the event Sound Praxis because the purpose was to practice YUR practice without reservation, then accept input about practice to make it better; and then practice again. From time spent at Praxis, Korvus & Djime have since begun to work more seriously on coordinating a performance together.

Djime works with their partner Maybe on just about everything mentioned on the page. Including the artwork for both Djime albums, Maybe has also had a hand in planning event promotional materials, physical merch & website graphic design, as well as supporting every performance event Djime has participated in. More recently Djime & Maybe have been organizing ourselves into an entity called “Team Context” in order to further support not only themselves but also the growing number of musicians & artists we have come to know in Seattle.

Currently Djime is working on developing more collaborative material with many of the artists mentioned above & producing more live projections. Unfortunately Seattle venues continue to be entombed in Covid 19, & since it’s probably gonna be that way for a while we are working on getting outside. In the past this was impossible but thanks to local thrift stores and considerable time to research batteries and inverters; a mobile performance studio has been constructed!! See ya at the park & check back soon for busking schedule!!

for more information please email;

Additional information about Maybe –

More on Team Context –

See ya’ll around space folx..

website & contents are ©2021 Djime, & Maybe

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FFO: Squarepusher, Apparat, Blockhead, Deadelus, Venetian Snares, Autechre

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